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Tigertracts Educational System   System Printer

Tigertracts® System
Price: $3995.00
Software License Only: $2850.00
             Included with Tigertracts® Educational System              Tigertracts®  Educational Training Modules
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The Tigertracts System is designed to give training
personnel the ability to meet training needs without
stopping the fleet as a group. The system is portable,
it can be moved to the driver instead of bringing the
driver in for training. The unit is free-standing. it does
not have to be connected to an existing network and
poses minimal security risk to network systems.Tests
are self scoring, with results available to the trainer
once the driver has completed the test that comes with the module. Tigertracts will print copies of the test for inclusion in the driver's personnel file. Individual
modules may be configured to randomize test questions thereby generating different test sequences for every driver taking the test.
Tigertracts® System Hardware will meet the following minimum standards:

CPU Speed greater than 2GHz
Ram greater than 2 GB
Laptop Configuration
Minimum Black and White Printer
Tigertracts software pre-loaded
Microsoft® Windows Media Player
2 Free Tigertracts® modules
Windows 7® OS