Sabertooth Enterprises Reaction Timer Program

Reaction Timer Program

Reaction Time - How far do you travel when confronted with a driving situation before the brain command to work the brake travels to your foot?

Do your drivers understand just how long it takes to stop a Class A or Class B Commercial Vehicle that is carrying a full load? The time it takes a driver to recognize and respond to a dangerous situation can vary. Our computer based reaction timer is a quick and convenient way to challenge your drivers and reinforce defensive driving behaviors. Not suprisingly, reaction time slows when the attentiveness of the driver wanes; this concept is vitally important for your drivers to understand. The color coded operation and accompanying plastic pedal, tests hand/eye and foot/eye response time. Make this program an integral part of your training regime and keep your drivers aware of the importance of being alert and aware while behind the wheel.Order Now    for more information about this product   Contact Us

JJ Keller's SafeSim

JJ Keller's safeSim
Sabertooth Enterprises Remedial Training and Train the Trainer Programs uses Keller's SafeSim as a training tool which can give drivers situational analysis of how certain road hazards or driving situations may occur and their reaction to the situation.

Consulting Services

Safety Consultants everywhere provide many of the same services. What can Sabertooth Enterprises offer that sets them apart from the others? Using current technology allows us to cut significant amounts of travel time from billable hours to clients. We understand profit margins within the transportation industry are dwindling. Our goal is to serve our clients in the best, most cost effective manner possible. Teleconferencing, Web-Based video Conferencing and Webinar Presentations are a few of the ways we are able to cut travel time and expense for clients. We have the capability to run presentations for drivers meetings even though all of your drivers may not be in the same location. Certainly there will be times when a one on one consultation is unavoidable. Allow our staff of highly knowledgeable consultants assist you with all your company's needs. Listed below are some of the services we offer:

  • Management Application Training
  • Audit Replication
  • Document Review and Analysis
  • Custom Safety Training Programs
  • Major Accident Support
  • Expert Witness Testimony
A long term training plan is normally the most beneficial, easiest to deploy and most cost effective to maintain. Allow us to help you develop a long term training plan to meet your training needs. If you are in need of training aids, we have the necessary equipment to create custom presentations which focus on those areas of greatest need. Our Tigertracts®  Educational Training System may be of interest to your company. It is a portable, stand-alone system which takes the training to your drivers no matter where they may be. You say, but we already have videos for training. No problem, we can convert your current library to a format that will integrate with our system.
For more information please use the the form on our contact page, or give us a call and let us help you with your safety needs.