Tigertracts® Educational Training System

Tigertracts® Hardware
Are you training now? How much is it costing you?
Would your Safety Program benefit from utilizing a training system that is completely mobile? Tigertracts® Software can be loaded onto a laptop and transported to the driver, therefore eliminating the need for that driver to give up potential driving time to train. Click on the link to the left to view data on this system.

Training Modules

Module Covers
We Have an expanding selection of Training Topics to choose from.
Sabertooth Enterprises provides educational products to the transportation industry in many formats. This allows the trainer to decide what format works best. Another option to consider is converting any existing training media to the Tigertracts® System to create your own personal system. Click on the link to the left to view data on our modules.

CSA Assessment Program

Program Output Chart

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety
Administration has implemented CSA
or Compliance Safety Accountability.
Motor Carriers around the nation are
able to log on to their SMS Portal
Account and view their CSA Rankings
for each Basic Measure. The public is
also able to see a Motor Carrier's
rankings. Let us aid you in keeping, or
getting your scores to a non-deficient
level. Click the link above for more
information on our system.

Training Tools/Consulting Services

Reaction Timer - Keller's® SafeSim

JJ Keller's safeSim
Sabertooth Enterprises has tools for
trainers to allow a driver to see first hand
what effects reaction times have on
avoiding potentially dangerous driving
situations. Impress upon your drivers the
need to remain alert at all times while on
the road. What difference is there between
hand/eye reaction times and foot/eye
reaction times? Use this tool to demonstrate
the the importance of remaining alert. Click
the link in the gray navigation pane to learn

Driver Qualification File Management

FMCSR's define precise specifications for information to be held in a professional driver's personnel file. With our system, a Motor Carrier can be assured of knowing what necessary information and certificates/forms must be in their driver's files and if it is present and current. Don't let this become a compliance issue for your fleet! Track data pertaining to qualification files and receive notifications when forms or certificates need renewal. Notices are given at 90, 60 and 30 days to give you an ample cushion of time to comply. Click the link in the gray navigation pane to get more information or to view and print off any forms you may need.