Comprehensive Carrier and Driver Analysis

Allow Sabertooth Enterprises to assist you to ensure your company remains at an acceptable compliance level.Using our assessment program will give you the oppurtunity to organize and manage your fleet and driver safety data. We have the capability to pinpoint specific problem areas, giving your Operations Director the ability to train individuals on specific issues without using valuable production hours to train where it isn't necessary.

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See a graphical breakdown of where your top issues occur

Become more efficient by knowing exactly where deficiencies exist Perhaps you have procedural, mechanical, or issues related to driver behaviors. With our system, you will receive a comprehensive initial assessment on fleet and driver scores, then an update report each month to stay current on any changes to your safety data. These reports include charts and graphs depicting high scores or totals for a quick and easy view of fleet and driver performance. Make it possible to target train a driver by implementing our driver management add-on, or use it to create or expand an incentive or bonus program for your drivers. This program used in conjuntion with the Tigertracts® Educational System or any of our many Training Modules can establish a sound safety training mechanism for your fleet.Build a strong foundation and keep your fleet in compliance.

Use your CSA Data to your Advantage!

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All chart data can be broken out by the entire fleet or by individual driver

Crash Table data
Fleet Crash Data for past 36 months. Individual driver data is included in our Driver Add-On Program

Company Regulation/Incentive Driver Add-On

Make it possible to reward drivers who are doing an exceptional job and target only the problem areas with drivers that need further training. With our system it is possible to create a driver scorecard on each individual. Would your Safety or Operations Department benefit from knowing which drivers on their team are the safest on the road or which drivers have followed company policies the best? With our program, you wouls have this information at your fingertips, with monthly updates to keep the information current. The analysis portion would allow you to see any trends in behaviors which may need addressing or perhaps additional one on one training.